Los Cabos Beaches

Los Cabos Beaches

Cabo San Lucas has many miles of coastline with beautiful beaches. Here is a list of Cabo San Lucas Beaches several of which are worth a visit.

Medano Beach, CSL

Playa Solmar

Location: Pacific side of Land’s End next to Finisterra Hotel.
Access: Through the lobbies of the Solmar and Finisterra Hotels.
Swimming: Dangerous, not recommended.
Features: Whale watching, strolling. Excellent photography site. 

Playa del Amor
(Lover’s Beach)

Location: Spans the rock formation at Land’s End to provide a land corridor connecting the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.
Access: By water taxi from the marina.
Swimming: Good on the Sea of Cortez side but not recommended on the Pacific side.
Features: Beautiful beach, snorkeling, views of both seas.

Medano Beach

Location: Within walking distance to the East of the Marina and downtown Cabo San Lucas.
Access: Through several of the side streets immediately East of the Marina and the Hacienda Beach Resort.
Swimming: Good swimming beach – several designated areas.
Features: Water sports: kayaking, snorkeling, jet skis. Also bars and restaurants.

Playa Vista del Arcos
(View of Arches Beach)

Location: Across the highway from the Los Arcos trailer park.
Access: A road leading from the highway at Km. 5.
Swimming: Risky. For experts only.
Features: Good for wading, and tide pools.

Playa Cabeza de Ballena
(Whale’s Head Beach)

Location: Just east of the Calinda and Los Arcos Hotels.
Access: Road from the main highway leading down to the lighthouse at about Km. 8.
Swimming: Good for swimming, safe.
Features: Good snorkeling.

Playa Barco Varado
(Shipwreck Beach)

Location: Near Km. 9 off of the main highway (MEX Hwy. 1).
Access: Marked access road off of the highway.
Swimming: Swim with caution.
Features: Good for snorkeling and diving. Tide pools.

Playa Las Viudas/Twin Dolphin Beach
(Widow’s Beach)

Location: Near Km. 11 off of the main highway.
Access: Well-traveled access road off of the highway.
Swimming: Safe for swimming.
Features: Good snorkeling, and excellent tide pools. 

Playa Bahia Santa Maria
(Santa Maria Bay Beach)

Location: Near Km. 11.5 off of the main highway.
Access: Parking just East of Twin Dolphin Hotel entrance.
Swimming: Excellent for swimming.
Picturesque cove, great snorkeling.

Playa Bahia Chileno
(Chilean Bay Beach)

Location: Near Km. 14 off of the main highway.
Access:  Beach access road marked with a sign that reads “Acceso Publico.”
Swimming: Swim with caution, occasionally rough, especially on the rocky side. 
Features: Good snorkeling and scuba diving. Excellent photography site.

Playa El Zalate

Location: Near 17.5 Km. off of the main highway.
Access: Public beach access road.
Swimming: Not recommended.
Features: Tidal areas, good photography site.

Playa Bledito
(Tequila Cove)

Location: Near Km. 19.5 off of the main highway.
Access: Beach access road from the highway.
Swimming: Very good.
Features: Ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and picnics.

Playa Buenos Aires
(Good Air Beach)

Location: Near Km. 22 off of the main highway.
Access: Marked access East of Hotel Cabo San Lucas on the highway.
Not recommended.
Features: Whale watching. Good for strolling.

Punta Palmilla
(Palmilla Point)

Location: Near Km. 26 off of the main highway.
Access: Exit from the highway at Hotel Palmilla entrance.
Swimming: Safe. Good swimming beach for children.
Features: Tidal pools, calm water. Good photography site. 

Playa Costa Azul
(Blue Coast Beach)

Location: Near Km. 29 off of the main highway.
Access: Exit from the highway at Km. 29.
Swimming: Only recommended for surfers.
Features: Excellent surfing beach.

Playa Hotelera
(Hotel Beach)

Location: Fronts hotel strip in San Jose del Cabo.
Access: Through hotel properties along the hotel strip.
 Recommended for strong swimmers only.
Features: Excellent for night strolling.

Las Playitas
(Little Beaches)

Location: East of San Jose on the coast near the town of La Playita.
Access: Through the town.
Swimming: Not recommended.
Features: Daily off-loading site for the fishing fleet.